Our Story

Beacon Hill is about home, family, and community. The Beacon Hill residential community encompasses 206 acres of mixed-residential lots, single-track trails, and open spaces overlooking north Spokane. The property sits at the center of Spokane’s L-shaped valley and is under design and management by Beacon Hill Spokane One, Inc. (BHS). We strive to create an all-encompassing community where people truly “live where they live.”

The bulk of the property was purchased in 1989 and 1992 by BHS partners Pete Rayner and Dave Baker, with an acquisition of the final 22-acre parcel in 2012 from Coastal Community Bank.  Mr. Rayner brings some of the most experienced, reputable contractors in Spokane to his team, including Simpson Engineers; Scot Auble, formerly of Auble, Jolicoeur and Gentry real estate appraising;  and Mike Terrell, award-winning landscape architect of MTLA.

Creating a Community

Creating a community is more than just building homes in one location to sell to homebuyers; it’s about striving to build something lasting where a house becomes a home, neighbors become friends, and the setting encourages living life to the fullest.

The Beacon Hill project being developed by Beacon Hill Spokane, Inc. (BHS) is all about home, family, and community. It is a return to the “know-thy-neighbor” ideal where a beautiful, natural locale offers families and individuals alike a more inclusive spot to call home. With a suburban lifestyle that is close to the city and all the amenities it offers, residents will invest in Beacon Hill for the long-term, whether just starting out, raising their children, or settling in for their golden years.

Beyond the natural setting and quality, life-enriching features that will be built within the community, Beacon Hill will layout and design standards for an attractive residential area that include: garages behind the front porch (or at least equal to); street trees with approximately 30' of spacing for traffic calming purposes; sidewalks with 6' parking strip between sidewalk and curb (where street trees are planted); minimum street widths; and minimum setbacks for homes to curb.

Other standards within the community will include architectural controls on home design and exterior construction products; architectural controls on fence setbacks and construction types; and traffic calming features such as medians or intersection "bulb outs,” all with the idea of creating the most attractive residential community possible.

To further community inclusion and participation in this unique location and lifestyle that will be Beacon Hill, community parks will be no more than 1/4 mile or a 10-minute walk from residences, and village centers or social gathering areas will be designed, including community gardens, art features, hiking/biking trails, and more.  Also, community events will be held to promote social fabric within the resident community.